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Act of Valor – Movie Review

I was invited to and saw the advance screening of the movie Act of Valor at Cinema 1 at the Block, SM North EDSA a day before the actual July 11, 2012 screening. 

My ticket courtesy of SM Marketing
The movie poster posted at Cinema 1

At Cinema 1, The Block, SM North EDSA

Movie Trailer:

The movie was quite interesting for a couple of reasons:

  • Some roles included actual Navy Seals as actors in the movie including their families
  • The level of authenticity in terms of military tactics, techniques, hardware in most of the scenes
  • Live ammunition were used while filming the movie
  • Actual military equipment used in the movie

These gave the movie a really compelling military action sequences.  I think this is where the movie stands out.

In using actual Navy Seals as the main actors, the acting was below par when they are not in the action sequences.  They could not invoke much of the emotions that a lot of scenes required to be delivered.  However, the trade off  seems to pay off with the authenticity of the combat choreography.

Overall, as I always judge the movie, in terms of entertainment value, I highly this movie.  It might not have the best plot, or award winning acting, or gripping storyline but the sense of military adventure that can be easily mistaken as a recruiting video for the military and the realism of the action combat scenes really made it an enjoyable, entertaining movie to see.

Entertainment Value Score:  4 Stars

Here is a link of the You Tube video of behind the scenes of the movie that make you more excited to watch the movie.  Warning: It might reveal more of the plot.

Thumbs up also to Digital Cinema 1 at the Block, SM North EDSA for their excellent sound system.  Their booming subwoofers made the combat scenes more enjoyable. Boom!

Credits:  Poster and Trailer from the movie company’s website.

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