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Venice Piazza At McKinley Hill Brings A One of a Kind Venetian Night Market

Savor the flavors of Spain, Italy and the Mediterranean in our one of a kind weekend market at the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill.

Explore the seven sections of The Venetian Market and get your fill on Cold Cuts, Savory, Pizza and Pasta, Organic Produce, Sweets, Gourmet Snacks, and Beverage. Having this many options proves there’s never been anything like this before in Manila.

Let the Venetian Market take you in a unique marketplace experience with their color charted wine pairing suggestions that are perfect with gourmet delicatessen.

Food Wine Combinations

Lechon is perfect with a glass of chilled Chiraz.

Savor the flavor of Rose Wine with some cold cuts and cheese.

Try some grilled chicken with a glass of Chardonnay.

Indulge yourself in everything Italian at the Pizza and Pasta section

I attended the May 25 media launch to experience the Venetian Market and savor the food.  The place was busy even for the 1st day.

Entrance to the air conditioned tent

Busy even at the 1st day

Customer were spoiled with a lot of choices.  Here are some of the ones I tried and liked:

Old Vine Grill: Meat Pizza & Beef BBQ Rib

Meat Pizza with 3 cheese:  The cheese they use really made this pizza special

East 38 Catering: Broadway Brisket Sandwich and Jamaican style grill chicken skewers

Jamaican style grill chicken skewers (left)
Cucina Rusticana:  Chicken Parmesan with matching Parmesan Potato Mash 

JD House of Lasagna:  Pesto Lasagna & Beef Lasagna

The Cheese Steak Shop: Classic Philly Cheese Steaks – Chicken

Bottela:  Tiramisu flavor cocktail

Wine Depot:  Selection of wine and cheese

Sol Gelato: Mango Gelato

For dessert, they offer one of the best gelatos I have ever tried here in the Philippines.  They encourage their customers to try out the flavors before buying. I tried all the 7 flavours they have at the display: rice (yes rice), mango sorbet, Belgian dark chocolate, green macha tea, black chocolate, banatoffee, ferrero.  It was really tough to choose since all of them were so good. I settled for the mango sorbet. It’s like eating a sweet chilled ripe mango. Umm… so yummy!

    Cap off the Venetian Market experience with scoop of Italian gelato from Sol Gelato

      The Venetian Market will open from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on the following dates:

      • May 25 & 26
      • June 1 & 2
      • June 22 & 23
      • July 20 & 21

      Dine and enjoy. Bon appetit!

      Please leave your comments in this post on your dinning experience when you go there.  Let me and the other readers know what you have tried and enjoyed.

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