Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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McDo’s Big n’ Tasty Now in the Philippines!

My favorite fastfood burger is now available in the Philippines!

Coming late for the Zalora Launch Event, I decided to have midnight snack.  Looking at the menu board at McDonalds, I was amazed to see their new item on the menu, Big n’ Tasty!

The last time I had this yummy burger was 2 years ago in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  This was my favorite fastfood burger when I was in the Middle East due to it’s smoky flavor and adequate size to satisfy my appetite.  It really deserves to be called Big n’ Tasty!

Although not as big as I remember as the ones in the Middle East, it’s big enough compared to the typical burgers of McDo and Jollibee.  With a quarter pounder all beef patty, healthy veggies, american cheese and of course the special smoky sauce, it’s really yummy!  I had it with medium fries and Coke Zero costing me P165.  It’s P145 with regular fries and drink.

Give it a try. You will definitely love it! Sorry Mr. Champ of Jollibee, it looks like you have been TKO and there is a new title holder.

Once you tried it, please leave a comment and tell me if you liked it as well.

Credits:  Photo from Mcdo’s fb page.

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