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Bawal Mag Shoot Dito (BMSD) Pilipinas Ayala Malls Photowalk

On May 11 2012, Bawal Mag Shoot Dito (BMSD) Only in the Philippines held their Ayala Malls Photowalk.  This photowalk in the Greenbelt Malls in Makati is also a protest walk to denounce the strict rules of photography in the Ayala Malls.  BMSD is advocating for more relaxed rules on photography in the malls and public places open to the public especially with DSLR users.

The assembly started at 11 am at the McDonalds in Paseo de Roxas in front of the Asian Institute of Management in Makati.  Around 11:30 am, they assemble in front of the restaurant to start the photowalk. With the press present interviewing Mel Cortez, the founder of BMSD, the Ayala security personnel were trying to stop the media from using their video because they did not have any permit to shoot.  After sometime, the issue was resolved and the photowalk started around 11:50 am.

The photography enthusiasts walked around and inside the Greenbelt Malls and surrounding areas. One of the spots they stopped was at the mural of Jaime Zobel’s photos.  It was an IRONY that Jaime is into photography yet the Ayala Mall’s policy toward DSLR users does not sympathize much towards the photographers.

At the Jaime Zobel’s Photos Mural in Greenbelt

They passed by Ayala Museum, Phil. Stock Exchange Plaza and then proceeded to the Ninoy Aquino Monument at the corner of Paseo De Roxas and Ayala Avenue for group shots.  The walk did not have much of the usual resistance from the security personnel. I think they have been instructed to allow the photographers to shoot freely.  There was freedom contrary to what DSLR photographers experience usually when they shoot in Makati especially if you include buildings in your photos.

The second part of the photowalk was to join and support the protestors in front of the Chinese Embassy at The World Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue to protest China’s bullying of the Philippines over the issue of sovereignty of Scarborough Shoal.  The photowalk concluded there.

Here are the photos of BMSD taken in different locations of Makati during the photowalk:

Near McDonalds at Paseo De Roxas Infront of AIM

At Greenbelt Park

In front of Ayala Museum

In front of the Phil. Stock Exchange Plaza

At Ayala Ave cor. Paseo De Roxas
Group hug at the Ninoy Aquino Monument in the corner of Ayala Ave and Paseo De Roxas

Another group hug at the Ninoy Aquino Monument in the corner of Ayala Ave and Paseo De Roxas
In front of the Chinese Embassy, The World Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.

In front of the Chinese Embassy, The World Center, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.

Here are the videos of the photowalk.

Playlist version of the videos.  All of the videos plays in sequence.

Individual videos:

Although small in numbers due to the photowalk being held during a work day,  this photowalk was a significant milestone for BMSD.  After it’s accomplishments in putting into light photographers right to shoot in public places, this adds to the lists of photowalk protests done in Luneta, Intramuros, QC Circle, and SM MOA.  It’s definitely still an uphill struggle and a long way to go.

As a DSLR users, definitely you have encountered problems with mall security not allowing you to take pictures.  Even DSLR are so common nowadays, it still have the stigma that you are a professional photographer or you will use your picture for commercial purposes when you take a picture with it.

Please feel free to comment and share your Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito moments with mall security.

Yours truly, covering this event
Photo credits to Jonple Baltar

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