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Taal Photosafari with Grupo Potograpika

Last Palm Sunday, I went with the group Grupo Potograpika (GP) with their Taal Batangas Photosafari. We went to the town of Taal and visited the Taal Basilica, some heritage house, balisong store, balisong factory and a peanut brittle/panutsa factory.

All photos where taken with Canon G12.

Here are some of my SP photos:

Juxta of palaspas vendor
Minimalist style frame within a frame. Shot inside Taal Basilica.

Same style but with another subject.

Here are some of the travel photos:

Inside the Taal Basillica. Two of my photog friends Kat & Mon was in the spotlight.
The Taal Basillica
Raw peanuts for the peanut brittle/panutsa
Cooking the peanut brittle in the kawa (big wok)
Cooked peanut brittle shaped laid in the table for hardening/cooling before packaging
Sharpening the balisong at the factory
Ballpen balisong and the cute baby balisongs
Traditional capiz windows

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