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Photowalk: April 21 2012 with Daan SP Group Part 1

This photowalk was with Daan friends.  Daan is a Facebook group of Street Photography enthusiast where learning SP is relaxed, fun and encouraging to beginners in SP like me.

We started early at around 8:30 am with Boyet picking me up at the Feria Overpass in Commonwealth Avenue. We arrived at Boyet’s sisters Makati office at around 9:05 where he parked his vehicle.

We walked from Dela Costa cor. Makati to Ayala MRT-3 station which was the agreed rendezvous with the rest of the guys. It was a Saturday so Makati seems to be less ideal for street photography in those hours.  Passing through the quite Ayala Triangle and the walk ways around the closed shops of Greenbelt, and Glorietta, we took photos warming up for the main event until we reach the meeting point.

Around 10:30 am, Jaime and Joval joined us and we boarded the Shuttle Bus at the New Fort Bus Terminal (first time for me) to Market Market.  We decided to have lunch at Jollibee courtesy of Joval since he was late and the lunch treat was his fine for his tardiness. Thanks Joval, I really enjoyed my Champ Burger, fries and up-sized Coke Zero!

At 12 pm, we left Market Market going to Bonifacio High Street. The main event started.  The hunt commenced for capturing the extraordinary from the mundane!  Although, the place was not too busy, it was just right with enough crowd.  There is something about this place for street photography.  Lots of geometries, the play of lights between the shops shaded area and the open walkways, the shadows, the crowd, the dogs, the ambiance, etc…

A play with geometries and light
Group hug: From Left to Right: Boyet, Jaime, Joval and me
Photo by Jaime Tan Ventura Jr.

By 1:45pm, when another fellow Daan member, Zina, joined us, we headed to the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial by taxi. It was just minimum fare.

Arriving at the memorial, we checked in with security and the office for permission to photograph.  They reminded us about the rules and we assured them that we will be respectful in the place and the content and theme of the photos.

The place was fascinating. The rows of crosses and an occasional star of David dominated the landscape.  It was ideal place for shooting patterns, urban landscape, and travel photos.  For street photography, it’s also ideal with patience required since the place is not always teeming with people.  But the geometries, the drama, the play of lights in the structures makes it the ideal waters for catching a “big fish” that occasionally might bite.

Rows of Columns
Pondering on what is on the other side
A tourist maybe doing a video documentary

From Left to Right: Joval, Boyet, Zina, Jaime and me
Photo by Jaime Tan Ventura Jr.

We left at around 3:15 pm for Zina to catch a bus at Market Market to go to her University. We had a snack at McDonalds to re-energize from the zapping heat of the previous stage of the photowalk.

After rehydration and carbs loading, we headed again to Bonifacio Hight Street.  It was a different scene in the late afternoon, with more crowds, the dog walkers, and the cooler temperature of course. What really attracted me were the dogs.  There might be a bit of Elliot Errwit influence on me.  Elliot was a very famous street photographer who loves to photograph dogs and include them in his street scenes.  He has 4 books out of 17 books dedicated to dogs.

The crippled dog, owner and a stranger

Guards at rest

At around 4:45pm, we decided to leave the place to meet other friends in Glorietta for the next chapter of this photowalk.

This post’s continuation is in Photowalk: April 21 2012 with Daan SP Group Part 2

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  • Great captures at the Serendra, High Street and Manila American Cemetery. I’m sure you enjoyed the photowalk.

  • if only i have a nice camera then i can also have a wonderful photowalk like this… i was able to visit Bonifacio Hight Street before but unfortunately it was at the wee hour of the night 🙁

  • Sir, Excellent shots., specially the last 2 pics. B& W ba yan or just long exposure?

  • Plus 1 on colors and emotions:) The best yung sa cemetery en row of columns! Wish I could also join in street photography activities- Cool!

  • nice set of photos Sir Ted. I missed the random photowalk 🙁

  • The silhouette in front of the crosses was a really great shot, man. The depth of emotion on the picture and the silence evoked by it is really stirring.

  • There’s a Manila American Cemetery pala ..I especially like your shot of the crosses.. great shot sir Ted..

  • I have yet to visit the Manila American Cemetery as what I’ve heard, bawal na rin daw magshoot doon.

  • lovemindanao

    wow very nice location! I wish to visit the American Cemetery.BTW you included Bonifacio High Street .Did you ask also for permit to do some photoshoot there .. because the last time we were there they required us to go to admin for the permit…

  • tedclaudio

    We did not require any permits. We just shoot. If the guard asks us to stop, we just move to another location and then shoot again 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    When you enter the place, just ask permission to shoot. Just tell them you just want some souvenir shots like a tourist and will be respectful of the dead.

  • tedclaudio

    Thanks Nanardxz

  • tedclaudio

    Salamat Jason

  • tedclaudio

    Thanks Sky. Sama ka samin minsan pag may photowalk 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Join our group Litratista sa Daan. Just let me know and I can add you kasi admin ako doon 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Shot in color and just converted to black and white using Lightroom with Silver FX Pro.

  • tedclaudio

    A nice camera will be a plus but not required. All you need is the passion to do photography and the photowalk 🙂

  • tedclaudio

    Franc, i think you can compare it to your experience when running at BGC 🙂

  • the minimalist side of B&W photos seemed to integrate living a life in its simplistic view.. Yes! camera always captures the moments we seem to disregard!

  • ralph marcuss Manarang

    Legend ka talaga! Gustong gusto ko itong pinaka huling pic. Ibang iba ang dating. Galing talaga.

  • Great photos. Love the shots!

  • i really like the black and white effect of your camera, i don’t know why but I just like it

  • Amazing photos! Kakaiba talaga ang dating ng black and white. I love the last photo. 🙂

  • Justin Queyquep

    I want to visit the Manila American Cemetery & Memorial. It really not that far from my workplace which is Market! Market!

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