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Free Street Photography Workshop and Photowalk by Usapang Kalye

For photography enthusiasts who are interested or want to get into the exciting genre of Street Photography, Usapang Kalye (Street Talks) is conducting a FREE Street Photography Workshop on Saturday April 28 2012 from 7am to 4pm.  In addition to the workshop, there will also be a photowalk.

Meetup will be at Plaza Miranda, Quiapo Church at 7am.

For more details and updates about the workshop, please visit this link in U.K.’s FB page: Link

Don’t miss it. Highly recommended!

About Usapang Kalye (taken from their FB group page)


“This page is not about the Filipino as a Street Photographer. This is about Philippine Street Photography taken in the context of the Philippine experience. There will be no attempt to redefine, reinvent or recast Street Photography as a term, genre or ideology; the pioneers of the craft have already outlined it for us to follow. Practitioners, can refine, polish and temper it through learning, exploration and through personal trial and error.

This is a venue to share, appreciate and experience Street Photographs; as a medium of exchange of intelligent ideas and perspectives based on practical experience, sound theory, history and discovery and invention of techniques and styles, through the healthy discourse and dialogue of the community.

More importantly, this forum is to discuss the true nature and purpose of Philippine Street Photography in the context of the Filipino wherever he may be, either here, or globally.

The only parameters that this group wishes to outline are those that will prevent the introduction of thuggery, hooliganism, indifference, abuse, misunderstanding, exploitation, crass ignorance and deliberate stupidity in whatever form in this forum.

This page shall not be liable for any lost photographs, bruised egos, or shattered beliefs.”

This is… UsapangKALYE.


Photo credits: Poster from Usapang Kalye FB page

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