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Ideal Bag and Sling Strap for the “Invisible” Street Photographers

Ideal Bag and Sling Strap for the “Invisible” Street Photographers

I’m using my Canon G12 for my Street Photography because of its small compact size while being full featured. However, it’s not small enough to hide in my pocket. I tried different solutions each with its own compromise:

Put camera in bag and take it out when you need to take a picture
-Safer from thieves
-Protected  from the elements and  bumps
-Slow to put into action
Hang camera on body/neck using provided camera strap
-Fast to put into shooting mode
-Exposed to elements and  bumps
-Tempting to thieves

I needed a better solution to be able to put my camera into action faster when a photo opportunity arises while still be able to hide and protect it when it’s not in use.

During my visit to Photo World Asia in Glorrieta, I came across a solution to my dillema: Black Rapid, a company famous with professional photographers for their functional DSLR camera straps, has a product called Snap R20.

Here is the product video to show you what it can do:

It’s 3-in-1 Camera Bag, Sling Strap and Hand Strap.

I can now roam the streets “invisible”,  my camera protected and still take photos faster for that “decisive moment”. Black Rapid SNAP R20, you are heaven sent!

For more info on the product, you can visit Black Rapid’s website:

Black Rapid products are sold and distributed in the Philippines by Lightroom Corporation.  Also available in your favorite camera stores.

Photos & Video from BlackRapid website

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